Erin Knows Her Stuff

“Erin has helped me purchase two other properties and sell my current residence. She knows her stuff. She is very experienced and comfortable negotiating on my behalf. She is a joy to work with in that she is always good humored and doesn’t get shaken by challenges that come her way. My first experience with her was purchasing an investment property. This was back in 2016 when the Portland market was going crazy. Other buyers were outbidding me by a very large margin which doesn’t make for a very good investment property. Through Erin’s determination and patience, we found the right property and with her charisma, experience and realtor charm, I was the successful buyer….and I was one a total of 6 people trying to buy the property. Lastly, I am in my dream home that Erin helped me buy. The sellers and the seller’s realtor were not very easy people to deal with, but Erin came through and was always professional in dealing with them. She is a hard worker, exceedingly bright and a real gem to have on your team. I cannot recommend her more highly.”

Dr. Jonathan Preiss